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Universidad Pedagogica Nacional Francisco Morazan, UPNFM 

The social activity of the Pedagogical University implicates, for those who benefit from it, the responsibility and duty to serve our society. Therefore, the University emphasizes the best use of opportunities and resources it offers and challenges to behave with a permanent sense of social compromise in our field of expertise.

Teaching, research and projection to the social-community, as main duties of the Pedagogical University, are oriented to satisfy and fulfill the needs of the society and to provide with solution to the social problems in Honduras striving, therefore, to have a United Nation.  

The Pedagogical University, to support its goals in the different areas of knowledge, is opened to all social organizations recognized in Honduras and the higher education institutions of the world. It is also closely vinculated to the progress in all these areas of knowledge and opened to new cultural and scientific inputs.

National survey on the Research landscape and priorities in Honduras


ENLACE sixth Experts Dialogue to foster bi-regional RTD cooperation

between Europe and Central America. Panamá.






Proyecto Enlace